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like, john spooning sherlock as he wakes up, but when john tries to get up for work, sherlock turns over and rolls on top of him, wrapping his arms and legs around john super tightly and john starts complaining at sherlock, his voice all muffled bc his mouth is mashed into sherlocks neck, like 'i cant be late again you heavy git' and hes tugging at sherlocks t-shirt but then hes quiet for a few seconds, and his hand relaxes and slides up to sherlocks hair and he sighs like hes deeply put upon


My precious babs

John tries to pretend, but everyone knows


Benedict accepting the award: Its such an honour to be here receiving this gracious award. i’d like to thank (lists every single member of the cast and crew) and i’d like to thank my parents who were an amazing addition to the show and i’d like to thank martin freeman for being an outstanding co-star and also mark gatiss and steven moffat for their stunning writing. im very humbled thank you so much to the academy.

Martin accepting the award: fucking right


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I was talking to my friend Colton, who has never watched the show but is always willing to listen to me ramble about things he doesn’t care about, bless him, and I was like, “Okay, in which of these pictures does John look more horrified?”

this one


or this one




john can’t have sex with sherlock unless they’re facing each other because looking at sherlock’s back hurts him too much, seeing all the scars sherlock acquired during the two years and knowing that sherlock was suffering for john. he’s thankful of course but he can’t help but feel bad. one day sherlock asks why and john finally admits, so sherlock pulls off John’s jumper and traces his calloused fingertips over John’s scars and says “we match now”

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Care to share predictions for Season 4? Do you think there will be any ships becoming canon or such? Do you think we'll see Lara Pulver? Do you think Moriarty's really alive? -Thanks for considering my question :) have a nice day!


okay so 

  • i don’t think moriarty’s really back, i think it’s someone who cares about sherlock deeply (and as it probably isn’t mycroft, then maybe…. irene? she was close to moriarty after all, and she would be more than able to pull something like that) trying to save him however i do think adrew’s back, i’m sure we’ll see more of him (and that’s good)
  • the famous scene from “the adventure of the three garridebs”, i’m 100% 500% sure we’ll get that at the end of s4 probably
  • and an actual love confession from sherlock following this scene
  • mary dies. i’m sure she dies in the oncoming series
  • more pain? and grief? and tears? yeah we all know the drill



honestly one of the biggest johnlock moments in the entire show for me thus far is that fucking heart wreath in THoB. i can’t get over it.

i’m positive they will do something extremely similar but with mistletoe if the christmas special is a christmas episode.

i mean there are…


Congratulations to Benedict and Martin on their Emmy wins
Sherlock is the most gayest show on the entire planet